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Anywhere Network. The environment where you can move around free of any worries. A place that is open to everyone to switch off, learn, sleep or simply have fun.


It was at night. Raindrops were pattering against the window. The sound of the rain was more than pleasant. The relaxing music playing on my music app was a great combination. I listened to this music so often, it just went with everything. For relaxing, studying, meeting friends or even for a joyride in my car. So I decided to start my game, which I really wanted to continue playing today. But alone? You can't play alone. I picked up my mobile phone and texted a friend of mine, but he didn't answer. "Oh man." What am I going to do now? I sighed and this idea came to me. There's this app called Discord, right?! I had heard it was a good way to talk to people and find people to play with. I quickly clicked through the internet and found a website to download the app. I registered and,... "Yikes?""Create your own server," I read. That doesn't sound so bad. 


Exactly. And so that's what happened. The Discord server "Anywhere Network" was created. I clicked through the internet a lot and found great things to improve the server. Over time, we formed a great team and developed our first Discord bot. So with the help of friends and comrades we created a wonderful server. 
Our goal? To become international, of course, and to bring the best vibes and a great atmosphere to every person who joins us. This on Anywhere. A community to find teammates. To organise movie nights or raffles. To pass the time on our own Minecraft server or just chill and chat. 

With these words. Welcome!

Where we are right now

Anywhere is open to everyone - from local walking groups to arts communities to learning groups. Our community creates, for millions of people, a place for friendship. Anywhere is where the whole world is at home, where shared memories are made and friendships are forged. Anywhere is what you make it - shape your future the way you want it.

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Join a group of passionate people who are passionate about fighting for a safe environment on the Anywhere Network. Represent our community and protect what's important to you.

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